Why buy a Wingmate breathalyzer?

With so many breathalyzers on the market, why buy a Wingmate personal breathalyzer? We don’t claim to be the best, or the most accurate, or the cheapest, or the fastest. However, we aim to offer the most reliable and convenient portable alcohol breath testers for the most affordable prices.

  Reliable and affordable for everyone

Wingmate’s range of breathalyzers is designed to be affordable and available to everyone, without compromising on quality.

With Australian Standards AS3547 Certification and smart fuel cell sensors, our devices are calibrated by trained professionals to maintain their accuracy, which means that once you buy a Wingmate breathalyzer, you can be assured that it will be serviceable.*

 Convenience whenever you need

Though it’s not okay to drink and drive, there may be times when we need a breathalyser, such as before we go to work, or the morning after a big night out drinking.

It’s always good to check your limit before you head out, and the Wingmate breathalyzers give you that convenience thanks to their ultra portability, reliability, and affordable prices.

 Portable breathalysers to bring anywhere and everywhere

Wingmate breathalyzers are so compact and convenient to keep! Store them in your bag, car glovebox compartment, or by the keys where you will always remember to find them.

Thanks to their super compact and lightweight design, you don’t have an excuse not to have a breathalyzer with you wherever you go.

 Budget-friendly breathalysers for all users

Wingmate breathalyzers are great for any user or application! Thanks to their affordable prices, Wingmate breathalyzers are especially ideal for irregular users who want the convenience of having an quality alcohol breath tester without the hefty price tag.

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*excluding the single-use, disposable Wingmate One breathalyzer